Let’s Talk About West Ham at Old Trafford

On Sunday March 14 2021, Manchester United hosted West Ham.

To say West Ham lacked ambition in the first half would be an understatement.

Getty Images

Manchester United had put in a lot of effort and deserved to lead at the break, but an awful miss and a brilliant save did not let that happen.

Though West Ham found the net, it was unfortunately their own. McTominay thought he had scored it though, and celebrated, and for a while no one was really sure that he hadn’t. Dawson’s mistake cost the Hammers greatly.

United won by an own goal, but they definitely deserved the 3 points they got, and solidified their position in second-place, while West Ham remain in 5th place.

If you want an in-depth analysis of the game, go to TheMastermindSite.com to read the article I wrote:

Manchester United 1-0 West Ham – Tactical Analysis


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